Jason Scott
b. 1970

First Modem: 300 Baud Acoustic Coupler
First Computer: Commodore PET
First BBS: Dial-Your-Match, Westchester County, NY
Sysop: The Works BBS, 914

Jason Scott is the creator and webmaster of TEXTFILES.COM, a website 
dedicated to collecting the files and related materials from the era of 
the Dial-up BBS. This website, originally built from files he collected 
as a BBS user in his early teens, has expanded to many gigabytes of data 
and now recieves thousands of visitors a day.

Inspired to create "the ultimate BBS list" from the hundreds of lists
on his website, he suddenly started recieving dozens of stories from 
BBS users and operators who found their old BBSes listed. Recogizing a
missing piece in the story of computers, Jason used his dormant filmmaking
skills (Emerson College Film Degree, 1992) to create this documentary.

Originally slated to be 100 interviews and a year of filming, the BBS
Documentary has taken three years and 200 interviews. Between travel
by airplane, train and a fleet of unhappy rental cars, Jason has 
travelled roughly 25,000 miles to record 250 hours of footage, from
which the documentary has been edited. Along the way, Jason has
lost a lens cap, tungsten light, cell phone, dust screen, tripod foot,
prescription sunglasses, 7 hard drives, one rental car, and 30 pounds. 

Jason created the animation for a short film called "Conspiracy Rock",
directed by Scott Rosann and Michael D'Alonzo. The film eventually played
on the Comedy Central network and was part of a Shorts exhibition at the
1999 Sundance film festival. The BBS Documentary is his first large-scale
film project.

Jason can be reached at director@bbsdocumentary.com or by calling
his production company, Bovine Ignition Systems, at 617-COW-TOWN.