In 1988, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation had its BBS and other electronic equipment seized in a raid of their headquarters following the freezing of Dora Kent in December 1987. ALCOR sued the FBI, had the case dismissed, and then sued the County and City of Riverside, California for compensation. This case was settled for $30,000.
alcor-5 (7.6K) Alcor: Reply to Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Declatory Relief and Damages (May 14, 1990)
alcor-9 (10K) Response to Goverment Motion to Dismiss (December 23, 1991)
alcor-3 (21K) Alcor: Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Declatory Relief and Damages (April 30, 1990)
alcor-2 (9.9K) Alcor Case: Complaint for Declatory Relief and Damages, Case #SA CV90-021 JSL (January 11, 1990)
alcor-1 (2.5K) Alcor Files Suit Over Electronic Mail Seizure, by David Bloom, The Press Enterprise (February 24, 1990)
alcor-7 (15K) Response of William F. Murphy, Assistant US Attorney to Suit Filed by Alcor for Failing to Enforce Violation of ECPA (March 14, 1989)
alcor-8 (37K) Complaint by Alcor Against FBI in Lawsuit: Failure to Enforce Provisions of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (April 5, 1988)
alcor-4 (14K) Alcor: Response of Attorneys for Plantifs to Motion (April 11, 1990)
alcor-6 (4.3K) E-Mail Privacy Case Settled (Alcor Case): Explanation of Case (Press Release by Alcor)