Thompson Vs. Predaina appears to be the only BBS-related lawsuit over the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.
Additional Notes:  
From a discussion entitled "The Sysops Legal Manual Conference" from GEnie:
 [Holly] HS> I have a related question, Jonathon...are you
 familiar with Thompson v. Predaina? (The case that never was...

 JON.WALLACE> Yes, I read the pleadings, and have talked to and
 been flamed by, Linda Thompson *grin*.
 [Holly] HS> Can you summarize the case a bit for the rest of us
 and give us your opinion?  (I happen to personally know both
 parties... Linda was a friend of mine.  Bob is a friend of mine.
 Key word: "was") Everyone's been flamed by Linda Thompson.
 *grin* Linda sued Bob under the ECPA claiming that he had
 disclosed private messages and files of hers to the public.  He
 was not the recipient of the files or messages and, if the facts
 as stated in the complaint are true, it seems as if there was a
 technical ECPA violation.  The case never went any further
 because (I am told).  Predaina declared bankruptcy (since you
 know him, you can clarify if this turns out not to be the case).
 [Holly] HS> Bob did declare bankruptcy, which was a wise move.
 I didn't read the complaint, however, I also know that when
 Linda (and Al) had a BBS, they were "guilty" of exactly what I
 understood Bob did. (Allegedly)
 JON.WALLACE> I've often thought it was a too drastic move on
 his part.  Based on the information I had, I doubted the case
 would have resulted in drastic damages, even if there was a
 technical violation.
 The moral of the story: Don't disclose private mail of which you
 are not the sender or recipient.
 [Holly] HS> I think it was very precautionary on Bob's part.
 And, if I understand what happened, the case was dropped because
 Linda was suing partially on the grounds of character defamation
 which allowed Bob to dredge up some of Linda's rather tawdry
 past, allegedly.  (I don't think I'm spelling that right.  It
 looks wrong. :-) Thanks, Jonathon... I have a few more for
 later... :-)

The indications from over a decade later are that Predaina went into business for himself with musical instruments and has lived a quiet life since. Thompson has garnered controversy and dialogue from all quarters with relatively colorful language and articles.

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