The actual game "Pimpwars" has its start in 1990, and the author was Paul J. Martino. Paul supported the game for a good many years (until the late 1990's) at which point it has been taken over by other folks, who continue the development.

Phil is happy enough with his work on Pimpwars that he mentions it on his website as one of the programs he worked on in his past. (He has since started his own company, Ahpah Software.)

Current development of Pimpwars is being done by James Coyle of Mystic BBS fame, who is maintining DOS, Windows and Linux versions of the door. The version called "Pimpwars 32" is a version of Pimpwars to work with Windows; it is not a new game.

There is a web version of Pimpwars at PIMPWAR.COM which runs online multi-player games, sells pimpwar merchandise, and offers IRC chat channels to discuss the game.

Additional Notes:  
There is an interesting trend exemplified by Pimpwars that may be a useful and explorable theme: The game is, by some standards, racist, but to go back to the original program and play it, there's not very much to grab onto to call it much of anything beyond a typical buying and selling program, with an amusing theme. However, as the years have gone on, folks coming into the program have created more and more imagery and description to go with the game, and the entire experience is more intense than the original author ever probably intended, or even thought of. It's one thing to have characters named "Pimp" and "Ho" and another to have a full web-based animation and sound experience pulling on the Pimp mystique. (This thought/theme may need some work to better enunciate, if at all.) (67K) Pimpwars Version 1.52 Windows Version (June 29th, 2001) (45K) Pimpwars Version 1.52 DOS Version (June 29th, 2001) (69K) Pimpwars Version 1.52 Linux Version (June 29th, 2001) (54K) Pimpwars BBS Door v1.41 by Ahpah Software Inc (1994)
pimpwar.jpg (20K) Logo from PIMPWAR.COM Pimpwars Web-Based Game website Current website for Pimpwars development, apparently with author approval