In 1993 Telegrafix created RIPscript or RIPscrip, which stood for "Remote Imaging Protocol". It was intended to be a vector-like graphics protocol that used ASCII files to describe lines and shapes to a client. This sort of approach (send descriptions of graphics, render them at the client side) had been done before, but a major push came with RIPscript and it followed onto the internet as a plug-in. Ultimately, the protocol did not catch on and was soon forgotten.
Additional Notes:  
The following is from a letter written to me by Steve Clay:

In 1993 Telegrafix created RIPscrip (Remote Imaging Protocol) and it became THE BBS graphics standard after color ANSI. Looking back on it, RIP seems to have been an early precursor to SVG. Simple ASCII files that were interpreted to form colorful scalable graphics and multiple fonts on a 640x350 EGA display. SySops used RIP files to create advanced GUI's for their systems. Our local paper, the Gainesville Sun, had a beautiful RIP BBS called SunOne BSS but it's long gone.

Examples of RIP art:

A poor quality screen grab of Telegrafix's Searchlight BBS main menu with RIP graphics:

"Searchlight is the first BBS product with built-in support for RIP, the new non-proprietary terminal protocol that brings graphics, mouse support, and other GUI features to BBSing for the first time. Searchlight detects calls from RIP graphics terminals and provides features like mouse support, dialog boxes and scroll bars automatically. In addition, you can customize your display screens, menus, messages and other parts of your system with RIP graphics using a RIP graphics screen generator."

The RipTerm program (for accessing BBS) (last update in '97)

RipView (evidentally they did their best to embed RIP graphics/scripting into web pages)

Later Telegrafix developed a webserver "Spinnaker" that could create RIPs on-the-fly from several databases and they also developed an advanced RIP format RIP2. The RIP2 specification was due to be released in 1996.

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